Refill Your Own Jar


Wax Refill Service 

  • We can fill just about anything that is heat resistant: pottery, mason jars, tins, wooden bowls, etc. but please do not give us a precious heirloom or damaged item.
  • If local, this is for drop off only.  You may not bring your own container to a Candle Bar Workshop.  
  • If you are not local, this service is available through shipping.  You will pay to ship to our location and we will pay to ship back.

Please do the Following Steps: 

  1. Send in a completely, clean jar.  Peel all labels and residue.  If your item was a candle prior, you can use a spoon to peel the wick off.  Then soak your container in hot water and soap.  Wipe out with a towel.  If your candle is not cleaned out, you will be charged with a $2 cleaning fee. 
  2. Fill the container with water and measure the fluid volume with a liquid measuring cup.  (1 cup = 8 fluid oz)
  3. The price is based on weight, $1.50/ ounce.  Any item over 40 oz, $1.25/ ounce and over 80 oz, $1/ ounce.  
  4. Choose your scent.  You may combine up to 3 scents. If you have not been to Poplar & Ash before, please note that our scents may not be exactly what you are expecting and that you are taking a risk in combining your own scents.  
  5. Please include the scents you would like in your package (no more than 3 may be combined).  
  6. Please note that the candle will be shipped back to the address on the package, unless noted differently.  
  7. Ship to the below address with signature confirmation: 

           Poplar & Ash 

           14 E. Main St.

           Brevard, NC 28712 

  • Multiple candles can be made for parties (showers, weddings, events, etc.). Please contact Ashley at for any questions. 


  • Please note that Poplar & Ash LLC is not reliable for any damage to your container and that you are taking a chance by making a candle with the container(s) given. Poplar & Ash LLC is not reliable for the damage that may occur during cleaning a container, as that was a requirement before dropping/ shipping it off.  Poplar & Ash LLC is not reliable for any damage to your container that may occur during shipping to and from the facility.  Poplar & Ash LLC is not responsible for the scent combination you have chosen for your candle.  However, we do hope you enjoy the candle you have created!